Boot Slippers for Garden Lovers

Boot Slippers for Garden Lovers from Lee Valley Tools

These Boot Slippers are perfect for anyone who loves gardening. They prevent your dirty boots from spilling dirt on the floor, they are easy to fit over footwear. These slippers are actually felt overshoes, just in case you don’t have to take off your gardening boots, you can these slippers to step in from the garden for a drink in the house, no more trail or wet muddy footprints. The material is a sturdy, absorbent wool or polyester blend, the design provides a formed upper for a spacious fit to make it easy for you to slip them on hands-free. There’s also rubber lined flap that you can lift to help you hold them against your heel. Made in USA, these slippers are easy to clean, simply hand wash and air dry.

Buy It Here | $34.50

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