MOFT Attachable Laptop Stand is Ultralight and Invisible

MOFT is an invisible laptop stand that allows you to work anywhere with ease and comfort. It’s portable, convenient, lightweight, and feels “invisible”. Attach this stand onto your laptop, it’s so light that you won’t even notice that it’s there, just like its slogan: “unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried”. It’s […]

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Banale Mat – Portable, Compact, All-Natural Yoga Mat

Love practicing yoga? Here’s Banale Mat, all-natural and ultra portable yoga mat. Relieve your stress through yoga, this healthy practice helps to relieve pain from stress as well as increase muscle strength and tone, energy, respiration, basically your overall health. This yoga mat would be a great companion, whether you are at a studio, hike […]

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Handmade in India, Owl Eyeglasses Holder Is A Charming Piece of Decor

This cute night owl can stay on your night stand while holding your glasses in style. Owls are always presented as an animal full of wisdom, when you see one next to you, wearing your glasses, it’ll put smile on your face. Crafted using a single piece of sheesham wood, this owl would become a […]

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Elegant Retro Animal Bookmarks for Book Lovers

Book lovers, it’s hard to put down a great book, however, there are times when we just have to take a break. Here’s retro style and cute animal bookmark that would be a nice companion to have. It’s a metal bookmark with cute animal charm at the top, marking the last page you read in […]

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Rainbow African Print Turban to Complete Your Summer Style

Beautiful rainbow theme head wrap turban would complete your summer style. It is completely lined in black satin that helps to prevent friction between cotton fabric and your fragile hair strands. There are many variety colors of head wrap turban that you can find at Loza Tam, each turban is completed with elastic band at […]

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Inspired by Nature, Here’s Beautiful Story of the Earth Set of 7 Bracelets

Designed by Lis Giròn, this nature inspired bracelets feature unique beads, charms, and creative knot work. Story of the Earth Set of 7 Bracelets is beautiful accessory to represent your love for nature, each band is carefully designed with unique combination of colors, charms, beads, and decorative knot, it has symbolic meaning in each one. […]

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Merci Maman Personalised Infinity Bracelet is Handmade in London

A gorgeous bracelet from Merci Maman, this Infinity Charm Bracelet represents forever love to anyone whether it’s friendship, sisters, parents, or children. It’s a lifetime symbol of love that would remind you to your loved ones when you see it. It’s a handmade bracelet with a symbolic infinity charm in sterling silver or 18ct gold […]

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Holiday Mini Skillet to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Holiday Mini Skillet would look cute as a tree décor, it’s a limited edition product from Lodge. This is also a perfect gift for cooking lovers, they can decorate the tree with this tiny skillet. It has a snowflake on the cooking surface and Lodge logo on the back.

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Reiko Kaneko Electric Fire Triangle Pendant on 24″ Adjustable Silver Chain

Complete your look with Electric Fire Triangle Pendant on 24-inch adjustable silver chain from Reiko Kaneko. It features bright blue glazes on a fine bone china square pendant, let’s say it’s a unique Hula to add some chic styles to complete your overall appearance. Each piece is made in Staffordshire, England, you can also combine […]

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Cute Owl Gray Fingerless Gloves for Winter Style

Owl Gray Fingerless Gloves keep you warm with style. The high quality materials make these gloves very soft and comfortable to wear, a nice winter accessory for women. Crafted in Turkey, these gloves can be a fashion statement in colder weather.

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Beautiful Bohemian Blue Wing Shawl Makes You Look Divine

Gorgeous Bohemian Blue Wing Shawl from Shovava is delicately hand-painted and digitally printed. It’s a nice shawl that represents nature, freedom, and of course, beauty. This shawl/scarf features amazing details, making you look divine when wearing it, it looks perfect with any outfit. There are many ways you can wear this scarf, as bandana, turban, […]

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Primitiva Talisman of Magic Represents Two Interlocking Energies in Harmony

Produced and crafted by jewelers at Kalevala Koru, Helsinki, Talisman of Magic offers a beautiful magic tool made up of two interlocking energies. This gorgeous necklace represents interconnection of our intuitive and rational selves, it’s a nice gift for anyone who appreciates art and positive energy in their lives.

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Louis Vuitton Portable ‘Whisky Bar’ for A Real Collector

If you are a fan of Louis Vuitton, you might want to collect this extremely rare, traveling bar designed by Louis Vuitton in 1980s. Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar comes in effectively unused condition, it still looks like new. The square case comes with top carrying-handle in gold Epi-leather with gold-plated studs, latches and lock, […]

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Ny Incredibles Bracelet Tabasco with Stainless Steel Anchor and Blue Paracord

This is gorgeous unisex bracelet for anyone who loves anchor symbol. Nowadays, anchor doesn’t always refer to seafarers, it can be the symbol of stability and strength. Ny Incredibles Bracelet Tabasco features sleek, stainless steel anchor with beautiful blue paracord. Don’t worry about your wrist size, it’s one size fits all, this bracelet is adjustable, […]

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Burton Beeracuda : Beer Tube Carrier with Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Carry your beer in style with Burton Beeracuda. It’s over the shoulder beer holder that can hold up to 5 cans of beer or other beverages, stack them vertically, and you’re ready to go. The design also comes with Koozie up front to keep one additional beer can within the reach of your hand, freshen […]

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Gorgeous Owl Wings Silk Scarf Wrap Is Delicately Hand-Painted and Then Digitally Printed

Owl Wings Silk Scarf Wrap by Shovava is a beautiful shawl scarf that features artistic Night Owl. Take a look at those vibrant colors, each scarf is delicately hand painted and then digitally printed. This Australian seller has wide variety of bohemian wings and bird feathers pattern, each one is gorgeous. You can choose your […]

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SPI Home 32725 Triple Pinecone Iron Wind Chime with Rustic Look

Feel the wind, the smell of fresh cut grass, and soothing sounds from SPI Home 32725 Triple Pinecone Iron Wind Chime. All those rituals can rejuvenate your soul, simply relax and enjoy your surrounding, the beautiful wind chime adds mystical atmosphere with its hypnotic sounds. Made of iron, this product is outdoor safe with adjustable […]

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Menu Jewelry Tree to Display All Your Jewelries in Style

Designed by Louise Christ, Menu Jewelry Tree is a gorgeous aluminum with silver finish to show off your bracelets, rings, watches, or earrings. You can keep all your jewelries on this tree, a nice platform to overview all your accessories and choose among them. Not only this object functions as a place to keep your […]

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Beautiful Shower Cap by Shhhower Cap

Shhhowercap presents you with series of modern and beautiful shower caps. Yep, shower caps don’t have to be ugly, crinkly gross plastic like the one you find in your grandma’s house. This product features beautiful pattern and most of all, comfortable to wear. It’s chic and sophisticated, you would love the turban silhouetting, timeless design […]

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Topo Coasters (Set of 4) Feature Topography of Popular Locations

Unique beverage coasters can do more than just become a mat for your drink. Take a look at Topo Coasters, this the first series of coasters from Tom Will Make that shows a part of Red River Gorge in Kentucky, USA. Take a look at those beautiful details, the elevation changes are illustrated with layers […]

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