The Twillery Co. Arias 24 Piece 100% Cotton Towel Set Keeps You Warm and Dry After a Bath

Feel this soft, luxurious cotton around your skin after a hot bath. Wrap yourself in this Arias 24 Piece 100% Cotton Towel Set from Twillery Co., enjoy the softness and super absorbent material to keep you warm and dry fast. These towels are extra-durable, they feature sophisticated hobby border design that blends well with any […]

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Handmade Ladies Bathroom Pamper Set for Relaxing Bath

After a long, hard day at work, you might want to enjoy a long, relaxing bath with companion of this handmade ladies bathroom pamper set. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who loves enjoying a relaxing bath. Handmade in Ireland, each set of this package contains two bath creamers (cocoa butter and goat milk), […]

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Turkish Cotton Striped Bath Robe Is Getting Softer and More Absorbent After Each Wash

A luxurious robe made of 100% Turkish cotton. Yep, here’s Turkish Cotton Striped Bath Robe, it’s soft and lightweight, it feels good on your skin. In fact, it would become even softer and more absorbent with each wash, it’s perfect to keep you warm and cozy after swimming or a bath. This model is available […]

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Beautiful Shower Cap by Shhhower Cap

Shhhowercap presents you with series of modern and beautiful shower caps. Yep, shower caps don’t have to be ugly, crinkly gross plastic like the one you find in your grandma’s house. This product features beautiful pattern and most of all, comfortable to wear. It’s chic and sophisticated, you would love the turban silhouetting, timeless design […]

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The Majorelle – Large Sized Hand Drawn Round Towel

Cover yourself with this beautiful hand drawn round towel, it’s called The Majorelle. The blue pattern looks really awesome, well, of course it’s awesome, it was inspired by an adventure to the Moroccan botanical gardens owned by Yves Saint Laurent. This cotton towel offers you soft and comfortable fabric, wrapping your body in style with […]

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Toilet Paper Caddy Tissue Dispenser and Stand with Magazine Rack Keeps Your Bathroom Organized

Keep your bathroom nice and tidy, this Toilet Paper Caddy Tissue Dispenser and Stand with Magazine Rack would certainly help you with that. This bathroom equipment holds up to 4 tissue rolls, yes, you can be sure never have to deal with panic attack when you can’t find them after doing your business (unless you […]

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