Silk’n Infinity eHPL – Painlessly Remove Unwanted Hair from Home

Silk’n Infinity eHPL uses advanced laser technology to remove unwanted hair from your body, it also improves the feel of your skin. Kiss goodbye to painful plucking or waxing, no more shaving or pay premium prices for salon treatments. This device puts power in your hand, you can do home hair removal anytime you want. […]

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Avon Anew Instant Eye Smoother Reduces Under-Eye Bags In Seconds

We all hate puffy eyes, it spoils your beauty and make you look aged. Avon has released Anew Instant Smoother that works in just seconds to reduce under-eye bags. Simply dot a tiny amount under your eye, in fact, it is not recommended to apply to much, then gently tub (not rub) into your skin […]

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Farmacy Honey Harvest Kit – A Set of Three Skincare Treatments for Younger Looking Skin

Dry skin condition is uncomfortable, especially when your skin starts cracking … if you are experiencing this, you might want to try Farmacy Honey Harvest Kit. This kit is a set of three skincare treatments that would hydrate and moisture your skin, making it healthy, youthful, and growing. It’s a great solution to eliminate fine […]

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Latika Camera Soap : Unique Gift for a Photographer

A soap that looks like a camera? Well, well, this would be a perfect gift for a photographer. Carefully crafted, this camera soap from Latika features a fresh scent, enriched with activated charcoal. A unique camera soap that fits inside your hand, it even has “Canon” as the camera brand. Very cute and unique gift, […]

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Prevents Extreme Heat to Protect Your Hair Natural Shine

No more damaged hair due to extreme heat of hair dryer. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer promises it’ll protect natural shine of your hair, the air temperature will be measured 20 times every second, in this way, you can dry your hair without risking extreme heat damage. Featuring high velocity airflow, this appliance guarantees you ultra […]

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KFC Finger Lickin’ Good Edible Nail Polish : Good or Disgusting?

KFC HongKong has introduced “Finger Lickin’ Good” edible nail polish, it’s been specially created to celebrate its world famous line “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”. How does it taste? Well, you can bet that it tastes like chicken, oh yeah, it’s a real thing. This nail polish collection is designed to attract young consumers who love […]

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Mini Mani Manor Nail Varnish Advent Calendar Gift Set

The unique Mini Mani Manor Nail Varnish Advent Calendar is back again for 2014, feel free to step inside this gorgeous Holiday season with color-filled advent calendar countdown. This set comes with cute 24-piece mini nail polish collection which is hidden in each window, everyone would love this fairy tale gift set. You will also […]

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