The 45-inch Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Armoire Organizes Your Jewelry in One Cool Display

The 45-inch Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Armoire organizes and displays all your jewelries in one place. This wall-mounted cabinet is designed with six LEDs, illuminating all gorgeous jewelries and accessories you have and give you easy access to them all. You can arrange up to 160 pieces of jewelry, the bright light inside this cabinet […]

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Madison Park La Beau D’Art Chest Adds Warm in Any Room

Madison Park La Beau D’Art Chest features warmth characteristic due to its rubbed black exterior and antiqued brown drawer fronts. This furniture is designed with various cities in Frances written on the drawers, reminding you of those romantic cities just in case you’ve been there before. Each unit is hand painted with dimensions of 35.88-inch(H)x36-inch(W)x14.25-inch(D). […]

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London Map Side Table by Hasan Agar

London Map Side Table would look really cool in your living room. It’s a concept table inspired by the streets of London after Hasan Agar, the designer, has lived man years in the capital. It’s only concept, but we believe you can try to contact the designer to order this cool table. The map is […]

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Hellman-Chang Sternum Chaise Lounge by Don Howell

Sit in style? Well, Sternum Chaise lounge would help you do so. This beautiful piece combines artwork, woodworking skill, and functional seating. This furniture features organic and sinewy lines to create beautiful visual statement through its 60 joints and solid wood craftsmanship. Inspired by human spine, this chair has been designed to offer an optimum […]

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Vintage Riddling Wine Rack Features 10 Rows Vertically and 6 Across

Take yourself back into the good ol’ days with this beautiful Vintage Riddling Wine Rack. It’s a perfect vintage rack to place at the corner of your house. As you turn each bottle gently, it’s hard not to wonder how many bottles have passed through the rack, how many celebrations marked? This is the rack […]

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Mecedora Lactancia NANA : Elegant Rocking Chair for Modern Moms

Modern moms would need a comfortable rocker just like Mecedora Lactancia NANA when it’s time for intimate moment with their babies. It’s an original and elegant rocker for breastfeeding exclusively designed for Minimoi. ALEGRE Design studio is the mastermind behind this beautiful rocker, the design team has done an extensive research to find best materials […]

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Times 4 Coffee Table Keeps Your Things Organized Neatly

Hate messy table? You should take a look at “Times 4 Coffee Table”. Designed by Goncalo Campos, this table hides a pie chart shaped compartment where you can organize everything neatly. This unique coffee table features a rotating system that reveals only one quarter of compartment at a time. In this way, you can easily […]

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