Lightweight Instructional Cork Yoga Mat for Your Custom Yoga Practices at Home

Featuring 60 yoga poses to inspire you, this Instructional Cork Yoga Mat would make yoga practice even more fun. Aside from 60 yoga poses, it also offers 59 stretches to remove tense from your body, from your back to those tight hips. It’s a hypoallergenic yoga mat that would come in handy for your custom […]

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Banale Mat – Portable, Compact, All-Natural Yoga Mat

Love practicing yoga? Here’s Banale Mat, all-natural and ultra portable yoga mat. Relieve your stress through yoga, this healthy practice helps to relieve pain from stress as well as increase muscle strength and tone, energy, respiration, basically your overall health. This yoga mat would be a great companion, whether you are at a studio, hike […]

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Casper Board Promotes “Active” Sitting to Burn More Calories and Increase Focus at Work

Casper Board is a creatively designed board to promote weight loss, better heart health, and mental boost while sitting or standing. This project wants to introduce healthy movement into your workday, let’s face it, most of us sit at a desk like 7 to 8 hours a day, sometimes not moving at all, that’s not […]

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Whipsaw x Tonal Digital Strength Training System with On-Demand Guided Workouts

Whipsaw and Tonal teamed up to create the latest ground breaking fitness equipment, Tonal Digital Strength Training System. This is the first ever, digital weight system that features interactive video workouts, giving you the feeling of having a personal trainer in your own home, including an entire gym. Set your goals, adjust the weight, this […]

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Neofit Roller – Collapsible Foam Roller to Relieve Muscle Stiffness

Feel relieve from your sore muscles, Neofit Roller offers collapsible foam roller that makes it practical to carry everywhere you go. This portable fitness equipment features 4-inch body that can be expanded to 12-inch to function as foam roller. It allows you to hit even largest muscle groups, relieving yourself from tight muscles, especially after […]

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Withings Body Cardio Scale Helps You to Know Your Body Better

Maintain your body weight and health easily thanks to Withings Body Cardio Scale. This company takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to create a product that helps people to live happier and healthier lives. Body Cardio functions as your vital heart health metric at the convenient of your own home, you can maintain your cardiovascular health […]

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Enjoy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat After A Long Day at Work

Feel that deep-kneading rollers massage your feet, it stimulates reflexology zones of feet to remove tightness. Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat is an air compression massage that squeezes away all tension, not just your feet but your whole body as well. The selectable heat further relaxes your feet. There are 3 massage programs: Soothe, Pulse, […]

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