Royal Dream Large Sheepskin Rug Is Super Soft and Feels Good on Your Skin

This rug is 100% sheepskin, it adds luxury touch to any modern, contemporary décor. Royal Dream Large Sheepskin Rug is soft and feels natural on your feet, it’s so soothing and relaxing, you might not want to take your feet off of it. It’s absolutely beautiful, that pure sheepskin is free from any chemical smell. […]

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Handmade in India, Owl Eyeglasses Holder Is A Charming Piece of Decor

This cute night owl can stay on your night stand while holding your glasses in style. Owls are always presented as an animal full of wisdom, when you see one next to you, wearing your glasses, it’ll put smile on your face. Crafted using a single piece of sheesham wood, this owl would become a […]

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Modern and Stylish Fermob Balad Lamp with Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle

Fermob Balad Lamp from Fermob is a stylish portable lamp that looks like a modern lantern. The cool handle, which is available in six color options, completes the overall look. Designed by Tristan Lohner, you can place it on the dining table, hang it, or place it on the floor, it’ll always look good. It […]

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Ohhio Extra Large Blanket Keeps You Warm and Cozy in Colder Weather

During colder weather, this extra large Ohhio Blanket would keep you staying in bed comfortably. Just look at those thick, beautiful blanket made of merino wool, it’s especially designed for people who can appreciate comfort as well as size. The size is perfect for your king size bed, yes, can you imagine the ultimate comfort […]

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Driftwood Succulent Wall Garden Adds Nature to Your Decor

Love the sea? This little wall décor captures the beauty of the sea. Driftwood Succulent Wall Garden is a hanging basket planter that is crafted from driftwood manually collected on Oregon and California beaches. Hang this beauty on your home to remind you the beauty of the sea, it cradles a small bed of succulents, […]

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Mood: 24 Piece Set with Storage Capsule by Christofle

MOOD is a gorgeous, elegant egg that keeps your 24 pieces set silverware. Designed for 6 people, this egg shaped container would stand out in plain sight. It’s more than simple set flatware in Christofle silver plate, this product is created as decorative object in mind, offering contemporary design to any kitchen or dining room.

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Smithsonian Spring Waterglobe Reminds You to The Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

Smithsonian Spring Waterglobe is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves waterglobe, especially when they love spring. Inside the globe, there are 2 gracious cherry trees, this product offers the beauty of spring inside a mini globe. Try to gently shake it and watch those little Sakura petals rain upon a landscaped brige, like making […]

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Wedgwood Daisy 2-Tier Cake Stand for Your Tea Party

Hosting a tea party? Well, tea party is not complete without cookies or petite sandwiches. Daisy 2-Tier Cake Stand by Wedgwood would add elegant touch for the evening, it brings whimsy and romance back into your homes. This cake stand features delicate daisy pattern combined with soft floral blooms and classical borders. The classic design […]

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Lynk 50 Pair Shoe Rack Organizes Your Shoes Collection Neatly

Crazy about shoes yet you don’t have the space to keep them? Well,Lynk 50 Pair Shoe Rack might be able to help you with that. This rack helps you organize your shoes neatly, the high vertical design doesn’t take much space especially when you live in small apartment. The design features simple and elegant look […]

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Autumn Stag : Unique Shelving for Toy Collectors by Gary Ham

Are you a toy collector? You might want to show off all your precious toys to your guests. Autum Stag is a special designed shelving system dedicated to display toys, it can house up to 30 of your cute, little collectibles or simply as a standalone figure for display at home. Gary Ham has done […]

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Luceplan Curl Table Lamp By Sebastian Bergne

Place Luceplan Curl Table Lamp next to your bed, it would make a gorgeous night lamp. It’s not ordinary lamp, it challenges any pre-conceptions what a table lamp should look like and function, oh yeah, it looks like the moon. This lamp features tuneable white LED technology where the color temperature can be adjusted from […]

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Minimalist Gatco Zone Tilting Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom

An elegant mirror in the bathroom would complement the overall décor, just like Gatco Zone Tilting Wall Mirror (4119S). It features minimalist and sleek design, those simple lines blend beautifully with the meaning of an elegant living. Every element and detail tell you the meaning of simplicity, in this case, yes, less is more. It […]

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Luxurious SS14 Silk Road Bed Throw in Jade Color

Gorgeous SS14 Silk Road Bed Throw is offerd to you in limited edition. This soft, luxurious hand stitched, silk bed sheet measures 275x275cm, providing you with a soft and cozy surface to sleep. This bed sheet is 100-percent silk, therefore, it is recommended to dry clean only. The jade color makes this bed sheet looks […]

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Steel Fox by Magdalena Chojnacka

A gorgeous Steel Fox sculpture reminds you of nature and animals. This is one of interior sculpture from Wild Head series by Magdalena Chojnacka. Just in case you don’t know, the Wild Head Series is a way to give respect to threatened world. It’s a modern wall trophy to brighten your space as interpretations of […]

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