Swarovski Duo Moon Ring – Glamour Two-Stacking Rings

What a stunning set of rings, Swarovski wants to take you amongst the stars with their latest two cool stacking rings, Duo-Moon Ring. The first one shines in gold plating with a round opal-inspired crystal centerpiece. The second one is also plated in gold but features a moon motif in gorgeous blue crystal paved on […]

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Vinaya Altruis Silver and Black Ring Keeps You Connected in Style

Vinaya offers Altruis, a set of smart accessories that combine jewelry with technology. Designed for fashion conscious people that want to be notified about important things without being seen with their smartphone or geeky accessories. Altruis is available in form of ring, bracelet, or necklace, this Bluetooth-enabled smart accessory will alert you about important stuff […]

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Delicate Dark Arctic Forest Ring Offers Mysterious and Unique Accessory for Your Finger

Delicate Dark Arctic Forest Ring by Secreet Wood is a beautiful, handmade, and unique ring. Just like its name suggests, you can see a magical forest inside it. This ring uses fresh wood, jewelry resin, and beeswax. The ring is not edited, it is an actual ring sent to the customer, it look pretty magnificent […]

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