Engraved Christmas Pattern Rolling Pin for Baking Lovers

Christmas is near, for you who love baking, you might want to add this cool rolling pin into your kitchen tools collection. This wooden rolling pin features patterns that relate to Christmas from cute mistletoe, snowflakes, cane candies, little tree, cute ribbons, or gifts. This embossing rolling pin would fill your cookies with warmth of […]

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Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers for Dog Lovers

These are cute tumblers for dog lovers. Bad dog wisdom glasses features cute drawing of human best companion that teaches their owners a few tricks. It’s cute bad dog tricks that will make you smile every time you use these glasses. Just sit back and relax, enjoy your drink while learning some new tricks from […]

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Elegant Brazilian Soapstone Lidded Pot Collection Helps Reduce Cooking Time

Handcrafted from blocks of solid soapstone, Brazilian Soapstone Lidded Pot Collection adds elegant to your dinner party. Made in Brazil, this cookware is accented with beautiful copper hardware, it certainly adds unique and luxurious touch to its appearance. In Brazil, people have been used sustainable and energy-conserving stone for cooking for centuries, yes, cooking with […]

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Cute Copper Grater Turtle Crushes Your Food While Maintaining Its Fiber and Juice

Here’s a cute addition to your kitchen tools, Copper Grater Turtle. This palm-sized copper grater features pointed upwards “tooth”, every single one is designed to make sure that your ingredients don’t get crushed yet they can maintain its fiber and juice. The craftsmen uses the same technique from Edo period to create this product, so […]

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FANCY PANZ : Gorgeous Portable Casserole Serveware to Hide Ugly Foil Pan

Foil pans are convenient for many of us, they are disposable and perfect for casserole. However, they are unstable, unstackable, and look ugly. Fancy Panz offers you a portable casserole serveware, it comes with attractive design and the same convenience of foil pans. This is not a replacement for your foil pans, you can open […]

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Chicago 19-Piece Cutlery Knife Set for Accurate and Efficient Food Preparation

Food preparation can be difficult without proper tools, having Chicago 19-Piece Cutlery Knife Set would make that process easier. These knives are designed for accurate and efficient food prep, the satin finish makes it comfortable to hold as well as pleasing to the eyes. Each knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel, it creates a […]

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King Scallop Grilling Shells to Serve Your Meal with Seaside Touch

Grilling is not limited to steaks or meat, this set of 4 natural Scallop Shells from Sur La Table can be used to serve seafood dishes while adding a touch of coastal charm. You can cook up and serve the food all together using these shells. These shells are sourced from cool waters of Scotland […]

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Deglon Meeting Knife Set : Modern Nesting Knives by Mia Schmallenbach

Deglon Meeting Knife Set by Mia Schmallenbach features innovative design of nesting knives. Each set contains 4 knives and block made with high quality stainless steel. It would create compact storage since this set appears to be coming from a single block of stainless steel. Made in France, Mia Schmallenbach has succeeded in designing practical […]

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Laurel Pie Dish by Farmhouse Pottery

This pie dish is perfect for baking quiche or pie, the fluid design comes with minimalist body, creating a beautiful presentation. Laurel Pie Dish easy to clean, the stoneware clay is very durable and heat resistant, you will enjoy baking even more with this claypot. Made in USA, this claypot is oven, microwave, and dishwasher […]

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Levoons Measuring Spoons Set With Engraved Measurements

When you cook, you know how important exact ingredients is, that’s why measuring spoons set is an important tool to have in the kitchen. Levoons are smart leveling measuring spoons that feature a scraper that can swipe and push off all excess ingredients when you squeeze the handles. You can ensure you get perfect level […]

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Albe Kitchen Containers Set Looks Like a Bunch of Mushrooms

A unique set of kitchenware that reminds you to mushrooms. Albe is a kitchenware collection that consists of many different containers inspired by eatable mushrooms found on Romanian ground. Designed by Dragos Motica Studio, these containers can keep contents with various textures or densities fresh and safe for a long time. Each mushroom shaped container […]

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Elegant Thirstystone Fleur de Lis 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set to Complete Your Kitchen

Baking and cooking require measuring tool, this elegant Thirstystone Fleur de Lis 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set would provide you with the right measurement. You can use this spoon set to measure sugar, salt, pepper, or any other powder ingredients, each spoon has easy-to-read label. You can make delicious meal or cake with exact measuring. […]

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Chef Knife from Chelsea Miller Knives

An extraordinary Chef Knife made from high carbon steel re-purposed from a Vermont Farrier’s horseshoe rasp would be a nice addition to your kitchen tools. It’s an elegant knife with Walnut handle, you will also find those brass pins are nice touch to complete the appearance. Since it is made from repurposed horseshoe rasp, you […]

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Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer Features Rapid Air Technology

Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer offers a healthy way to fried your food. It requires little to no oil which means you can eat healthier without sacrifice the taste or texture of your food. All cooking tasks can be done digitally, the touch screen interface allows you to adjust the temperature up to 390-degrees, yep, French […]

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ChopChop : Easy Kitchen by Dirk Biotto

Preparing food seems to be the most normal thing on earth. That is exactly why we don’t bother performing all the tasks while working in the kitchen, but within a closer look, we’ll recognize that some of the tasks are more complex. Especially when elderly and disabled people have to deal with this complexity issues, […]

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