Stylish Handmade Oxford Multicolored Leather Shoes

It’s a unique Oxford multicolored leather shoes from BackToCool that would add style to any outfit that you wear. This handmade shoes are made of high quality leather and zakar fabric, it’s the type of shoe that fits any seasons whether you wear it casually or as fancy accessory. Since these shoes are handmade, you need […]

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Free Your Toes with Sugar Zeffers Flip-Flops Made of Sugar Cane

Soft SweetFoam under your feet will take you far away this summer. Enjoy bouncy comfort from Sugar Zeffers Flip-Flops, they are perfect for the beach or just walking in the park. This weekend, you can set your toes free, give your feet a holiday. Made from sugar, these flip-flops are possible after years of research […]

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Jessica Simpson Remni Peep Toe Bootie Features Wraparound Lacing Design

Jessica Simpson Remni Peep Toe Bootie is a corset-inspired footwear. Featuring modern wraparound lacing, this bootie blends vintage appeal with modern design. this peep-toe bootie is styled with a split shaft and a wrapped block heel. It fits just about any occasions when you know how to mix and match with your outfit.

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Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers Pamper Your Feet in Any Weather

Snuggling in your bed, you can also relax with your feet hugged by Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers. These slippers are designed and developed specially to pamper your feet when resting, not walking, they are extremely soft and comfy to wear. In fact, in colder weather, you can heat the insoles up in the microwave for […]

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Fabulous, Classic Style Talking Picture Oxford Flat in Metallic Trio

Go and be fabulous wearing these cool Talking Picture Oxford Flat in Metallic Trio shoes. Each shoe has only 1-inch heel with man-made lining and sole, really comfortable to wear. The design adds a twist to the classic style, making it flashy and stylish. These faux-leather shoes feature ModCloth exclusive palette of pewter, silver, and […]

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Nendo Skirt Shoes for Seibu Department Store

Seibu Department Store commissioned Nendo to design a selection of women’s shoes. This project is part of Seibu to support a small shoe workshop located in Shibuya, a nice gathering place for Japan’s younger generation. Basically there are 3 designs available: pumps with leather material punched in a dotted pattern, pump with leather and transparent […]

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Limited Edition Flame Shoes by Zaha Hadid

You’ll certainly look hot when you wear these Flames shoes. Designed by Zaha Hadid, limited edition shoes are the result from United Nude project. The brief was simple, designing shoes that push boundaries using 3D printing technology. This black high heels demonstrate the beautiful of fire flames and wrap the foot elegantly. The flame-like bands […]

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Lynk 50 Pair Shoe Rack Organizes Your Shoes Collection Neatly

Crazy about shoes yet you don’t have the space to keep them? Well,Lynk 50 Pair Shoe Rack might be able to help you with that. This rack helps you organize your shoes neatly, the high vertical design doesn’t take much space especially when you live in small apartment. The design features simple and elegant look […]

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Boot Slippers for Garden Lovers

These Boot Slippers are perfect for anyone who loves gardening. They prevent your dirty boots from spilling dirt on the floor, they are easy to fit over footwear. These slippers are actually felt overshoes, just in case you don’t have to take off your gardening boots, you can these slippers to step in from the […]

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Copenhagen Buckle Trim Strap Ankle Boot

Women always look sexy when wearing boots, trust me, this comes from men’s opinion. We love boots, aside from being fashion statement, they are usually match with most dresses, skirts, and jeans. Please make room in your closet for Copenhagen Buckle Trim Strap Ankle Boot, it’s gorgeous leather ankle boots with crossover strap and buckle, […]

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The Borgezie Princess Diamond Constellation Stilettos

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well, I guess Christopher Michael Shellis would like to help you take your best friend with you while shopping. The Borgezie Princess Diamond Constellation Stilettos are encrusted with 1,310 diamonds, inspired by Paul Simon hit, diamonds on the soles of her shoes. It takes more than 2 years to […]

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