Hey Joe Coffee Mug Brews Your Coffee On-The-Go

Hey Joe Coffee Mug Brews Your Coffee On-The-Go

To all coffee lovers, Hey Joe Coffee Mug is a must have in your buying list. Even when you wake up late, you still get to enjoy your delicious morning coffee, thanks to this mug, it brews your coffee on-the-go. In addition to ability to brew, it also maintains perfect drinking temperature at the push of a button. You know what this means? It means once the brewing process is done, you don’t have to wait for the coffee to cool off, you can immediately drink it to satisfy your daily dose of caffeine craving. You can also use this mug to brew your own coffee in the office, there’s no need to drink the coffee from the office’s coffee pot. The portability makes this device a winner among campers, simply add water, insert the coffee pod and filter, just wait a moment to enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

Buy It Here | $49

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