King Scallop Grilling Shells to Serve Your Meal with Seaside Touch

King Scallop Grilling Shells - Set of 4

Grilling is not limited to steaks or meat, this set of 4 natural Scallop Shells from Sur La Table can be used to serve seafood dishes while adding a touch of coastal charm. You can cook up and serve the food all together using these shells. These shells are sourced from cool waters of Scotland and Ireland, they are natural products, very safe to be used in oven, microwave, or grill. There are variety of uses of these shells actually aside to serve meal, you can also use them as dipping bowls, appetizers, or small bites. These products are durable and reusable, they can withstand up to 650-degree F. This summer, when you start grilling, don’t forget to take these shells out to add a seaside touch on your BBQ party.

Buy It Here | $6.95

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