Mecedora Lactancia NANA : Elegant Rocking Chair for Modern Moms

Mecedora Lactancia NANA Rocker

Modern moms would need a comfortable rocker just like Mecedora Lactancia NANA when it’s time for intimate moment with their babies. It’s an original and elegant rocker for breastfeeding exclusively designed for Minimoi. ALEGRE Design studio is the mastermind behind this beautiful rocker, the design team has done an extensive research to find best materials and components, resulting in perfect rocking chair that provides comfort when it’s time to feed the baby.

Each rocker is made with breathable fabrics, the head area is completed with a soft cushion as well as the arm rests, creating comfortable chair. A mother can create a slight rocking motion to soothe the baby. The combination of oak and steel creates modern and elegant design that even when the baby grows, this chair would still look great in your living room, you can still use it to read or relax.

Buy It Here | €1.088

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