Wine2Go 750-ml Foldable Wine Bottle – No More Worry with Broken Glass Bottle” target=”_blank”>Wine2Go 750-Ml Foldable Wine Bottle

Imagine carrying your favorite wine on vacation without having to worry about broken glass bottle. Wine2Go 750-ml Foldable Wine Bottle has been proven to be a leakproof wine bottle, reusable, disposable, and foldable. You can easily take your wine or any other beverages on-the-go. Due to its material, you can carry those beverages to picnics, concerts, parties, lakes, hiking, and many more. The wide mouth design allows for easy filing up to 750-milliliter of wine, don’t worry, it’s BPA-free plastic flask with leakproof cap. There are no metal parts whatsoever, also it’s important to mention that it won’t transfer tastes between uses. No more worry with broken glass bottles or open wine corks, you can easily dispose this bottle once you’re done or you can simply rinse it with warm water and re-use it. Have we mentioned that it’s 100% recyclable?

Buy It Here | $12.22

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