Alessi Minou Purse Hook by Frederic Gooris

Alessi Minou Purse Hook by FrederAlessi Minou Purse Hook By Frederic Gooris</a>ic Gooris

Beautiful and elegant cat is ready to hold your purse with its tail. Alessi Minou Purse Hook by Frederic Gooris features a cat shaped luxurious hook, the long tail will hold your purse stylishly. Made of mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel, this purse hook quality is unquestionable, it’s a perfect gift for anyone or for yourself as a modern home accessory. It has 4.25-inch height and 2.25-inch width, all eyes are on this little accessory when they visit your house, trust us, everyone would say how cute it is.

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