Kichware – 100% Food-Grade Silicon Baking Pan with Heat-Resistant Handles

Kichware Versatile and Eco-Friendly Baking Pan

Removing conventional baking pan can be tricky, you might end up burn yourself. Kichware is a set of non-stick silicon baking pans with handles. The heat-resistant silicone handles help you to take it out without the use of oven mitts or cloth. Divide your ingredients into several portions easily and bake them accordingly. The material is 100% food-grade silicone, it is safe to use in microwave, oven, fridge, and also dishwasher. The high quality material can withstand temperature from -20 to 470 degrees. The 5cm tall handles make sure you can lift your food without getting burned.

Kichware Versatile and Eco-Friendly Baking Pan

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