Pivo Pod X Smart Pod That Tracks Your Move for Perfect Content Creation

Pivo Pod X Smart Pod for Content Creator

Every content creator should have Pivo Pod X to extend their phone camera capabilities in capturing their actions. It’s a smart pod that empowers its user with its AI and multi-directional auto-tracking features. This gadget is the upgraded version of the old model based on customer feedback, it provides user with a high quality experience through enhanced flexibility and versatility. The dynamic auto tracking moves horizontally (360-degree) and vertically up to 60-degree range, the motor is faster and smoother, it delivers stable and high-quality tracking performance.

Pivo Pod X automatically zooms, color corrects, and sets the target in frame, it promises a perfect shot every single time. The candid moment feature allows you to set up Pivo Pod X, scan the area, and take candid photos based on facial recognition.

Pivo Pod X Smart Pod for Content Creator

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