The Misen Oven Steel Helps to Maintain Oven Heat for More Precise Cooking

The Misen Oven Steel

For the love of cooking and baking, Misen Oven Steel provides precise cooking and better browning. Research has shown that oven is off by as much as 30 to 50-degree F regardless the display temperature is showing. It’s not easy to maintain a specific temperature even for those fancy home ovens because as your oven slowly cool down, the heating elements switch on and off, over and over again, resulting fluctuation in temperature. Without accurate oven temperature, sometimes, cooking can become frustrating, game of guesswork. This oven steel utilizes steel’s high thermal mass, once it’s hot, it helps replenish heat inside your oven. So instead of swinging from 30 to 50 degrees, this time, the temperature stays within a window of 5 to 10 degrees. By using Misen Oven Steel, you can roast, braise, cook, or sear much more effective.

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