Who Doesn’t Like Campfire S’mores? Make Them from The Comfort of Your Home!

Who Doesn't Like Campfire S'mores? Make Them from The Comfort of Your Home!

This electric campfire s’mores maker would help you enjoy sweet camping all year round. Especially when you have kids, this set comes with everything you need to safely melt marshmallows and enjoy all these sweet s’mores in the comfort of your home. No flames needed, it’s perfectly safe, the electric heater would warm marshmallows to golden brown perfection. Load the tray with crackers, chocolates, other snacks, and of course, marshmallows, and let’s start the fun. Each set of this unit comes with four skewers.

You can entertain your guests and enjoy a little home camp with the whole family. That removable tray and grill plate are easy to clean up.

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