Bellalike Solid Color Stand-Up Collar Pocket Coat is a Stylish Coat for Colder Weather

Available in 5 color options, Bellalike Solid Color Stand-Up Collar Pocket Coat is a nice style to complement your daily life in colder weather. The casual style is ideal for just about anything, that stand collar adds fresh and chic style to your overall appearance. This polyester coat is available in very affordable price.

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Handmade in India, Kantha Chandeliers Earrings with Wooden Beads Wrapped in Recycled Saris

Unique Kantha Chandeliers Earrings that would brighten not just your day but also your overall style. These earrings are made from wooden beads and each one is hand-wrapped in recycled saris. It’s like having a rainbow in your ear. The wooden bead is wrapped in Kantha textiles using a traditional South Asian embroidery technique, which […]

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Tiffany & Co. Flight Bag for Traveling in Style

Beautiful in white, Tiffany & Co. Flight Bag is perfect for travelers who demand luxury and best. Inspired by a vintage Tiffany & Co. logo that was first used on silverware designs at 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, this travel bag is perfect for anyone how loves traveling light. Made of natural cotton canvas, it […]

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Engraved Christmas Pattern Rolling Pin for Baking Lovers

Christmas is near, for you who love baking, you might want to add this cool rolling pin into your kitchen tools collection. This wooden rolling pin features patterns that relate to Christmas from cute mistletoe, snowflakes, cane candies, little tree, cute ribbons, or gifts. This embossing rolling pin would fill your cookies with warmth of […]

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Beautiful Woven Triangle Bag Is Crafted by Indigenous Weavers in Taiwan

Designed by Shane Liu and Yun Fan Chang, Woven Triangle Bag is MoMA Exclusive item. This bag is a durable cotton canvas bag where each one is crafted by indigenous weavers in Taiwan to reflect its place of origin. This bag is sturdy and sized spacious enough to fit a 13-inch MacAir or maybe a […]

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Handmade Ladies Bathroom Pamper Set for Relaxing Bath

After a long, hard day at work, you might want to enjoy a long, relaxing bath with companion of this handmade ladies bathroom pamper set. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who loves enjoying a relaxing bath. Handmade in Ireland, each set of this package contains two bath creamers (cocoa butter and goat milk), […]

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Wraps Talk Series – Wearable Braided Wristband Headphones for Music On-The-Go

Wraps Talk Series offer a practical way to carry your headphones/earphones wherever you go. The patented design allows you to wear your headphones on your wrist, just like a bracelet. This mechanism eliminates frustration of digging your headphones in your bag, it’s a must have accessory and match any casual outfit perfectly. The wires are […]

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Cotton Canvas Tiffany & Co. Garden Tote for Your Luxury Afternoon

Flash this Tiffany & Co. Garden Tote at your next event, Tiffany has done a great job in transforming utilitarian items into works of art. Wear this tote bag for a casual occasion, it fits to any style of your outfit. Accented with Tiffany Blue, this tote bag features chic and functional design, adding luxury […]

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Logitech Powered Wireless Charger for iPhone X and 8 Models

Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Device features minimalist design that you can place just about anywhere, thanks to its compact size. It’s a wireless charging stand where you can charge and use your smartphone at the same time. Designed specifically for iPhone X and 8 models, the u-shaped cradle allows for secure phone placement, you can […]

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Stylish Handmade Oxford Multicolored Leather Shoes

It’s a unique Oxford multicolored leather shoes from BackToCool that would add style to any outfit that you wear. This handmade shoes are made of high quality leather and zakar fabric, it’s the type of shoe that fits any seasons whether you wear it casually or as fancy accessory. Since these shoes are handmade, you need […]

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Genevieve Leopard Italian Haircalf Leather Bucket Bag Adds Drama to Your Style

Genevieve Bucket Bag features Leopard Italian haircalf or full grain leather, it’s a stylish bag for this spring/fall. This stylish bag has been designed in collaboration with Jennifer Palpallatoc-Perault, she’s the author of “Haute Off The Rack” fashion blog. As you can see here, this bucket bag features petite size, adjustable shoulder strap, top drawstring […]

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Nebula Capsule II Android TV Pocket Cinema for Outdoor Lovers

The first generation Nebula Capsule created a lot of buzz, now, Nebula Capsule II offers better, upgraded version for better entertainment on-the-go. it uses a top-grade DLP (Digital Light Processor) to project beautiful 720p HD picture onto 100-inch of surface such as tent or wall. This pocket cinema still features the same compact design but […]

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Jayne Dress Kiss Mix Features Soft Floral Print and Feminine Style

Effortlessly feminine, Jayne Dress Kiss Mix features soft floral prints with white background. This dress would flatter your figure, it is fitted bodice with beautiful draping atop yet gently flowing skirt. This gorgeous gown is perfect for garden party or casual event, it is also stunning dress for a black-tie event. Each dress is lined […]

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Banale Mat – Portable, Compact, All-Natural Yoga Mat

Love practicing yoga? Here’s Banale Mat, all-natural and ultra portable yoga mat. Relieve your stress through yoga, this healthy practice helps to relieve pain from stress as well as increase muscle strength and tone, energy, respiration, basically your overall health. This yoga mat would be a great companion, whether you are at a studio, hike […]

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This Autumn, Wear This Chic and Lovely Surplice Ruched Chain Plain Bodycon Dress

Lovely mini dress that features surplice neckline with ruched design in rayon material. This knee-length dress is perfect for casual or semi-formal occasions, beautiful dress for autumn or winter. That three-quarter sleeve offers a sense of a bit formal style, suitable for office as well. The size is available from S to 5XL, with three […]

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Pictar Pro Transforms Your Smartphone to DSLR Camera

Pictar Pro is designed for both iPhones and Androids, it offers you a way to advance your mobile photography. You can take control and capture best quality videos and photos thanks to many cool features that all DSLR cameras have. There are four external camera control buttons that allow you to set essential features that […]

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Tilley Montana Fedora Keeps Your Head Warm in Style

TW1 Montana Fedora is able to keep your head and ear warm while still looking cool. Fedoras are stylish, it creates some chic look while shielding your face and hair from snow or rain. This stylish wool felt Montana Fedora is able to keep your head dry, it’s been treated to repel rain and snow. […]

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Casper Board Promotes “Active” Sitting to Burn More Calories and Increase Focus at Work

Casper Board is a creatively designed board to promote weight loss, better heart health, and mental boost while sitting or standing. This project wants to introduce healthy movement into your workday, let’s face it, most of us sit at a desk like 7 to 8 hours a day, sometimes not moving at all, that’s not […]

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Royal Dream Large Sheepskin Rug Is Super Soft and Feels Good on Your Skin

This rug is 100% sheepskin, it adds luxury touch to any modern, contemporary décor. Royal Dream Large Sheepskin Rug is soft and feels natural on your feet, it’s so soothing and relaxing, you might not want to take your feet off of it. It’s absolutely beautiful, that pure sheepskin is free from any chemical smell. […]

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Handmade in India, Owl Eyeglasses Holder Is A Charming Piece of Decor

This cute night owl can stay on your night stand while holding your glasses in style. Owls are always presented as an animal full of wisdom, when you see one next to you, wearing your glasses, it’ll put smile on your face. Crafted using a single piece of sheesham wood, this owl would become a […]

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