Horizon Motorcycle Jacket for Female Riders

Horizon Motorcycle Jacket by Aether

Female riders, you can look good while being protected with Horizon Motorcycle Jacket from Aether. It’s especially designed motorcycle jacket that combines the best of both worlds fashion and safety, the design team keeps you safe without sacrificing style. The material is made from specially engineered Japanese field nylon fabric, this 3-layer shell features abrasion resistant, waterproof, and breathable. In order to create protective padding, Aether has teamed up with D3O, a leader industry in shock absorbing body armor. The pads of D3O are malleable when handled at slow speeds, however, tighten upon high impact to absorb energy. This jacket also comes with EVO XT pads for elbows and shoulders while a VIPER ST pad for the back. Comfort is still the main priority, this jacket has been designed for specific ergonomics of motorcycle riding, you can be sure you still can have ease of movement. Wearing this jacket doesn’t make you lose your feminine side, it is flattering look both on/off of the motorcycle.

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