Lito Caged Scarab Pendant for Good Luck and Protection

Lito Caged Scarab Pendant by Chrysina Aurigans

Handmade in Greece, Lito Caged Scarab Pendant is a perfect gift for bug lovers. It celebrates the beauty of nature through this creation. Designed by Chrysina Aurigans, this pendant is covered in 18kt gold with white diamonds of 0.65CT, it comes with 80cm black gold plated silver chain. This is just one of Scarabees de Beaute collection, scarab beetle has been known for its mythical properties and beauty, it’s been an object of cult for its magical values of luck and protection. If you love the charm of this beetle, you might want to wear this pendant as an amulet or good luck charm, just like Egyptian.

Buy It Here | $16,860

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