New York Times Women Making History Book Inspires You to Be Strong, Courageous, and Fearless

New York Times Women Making History Coffee Table Book

Women and men have the same rights and obligations, yet in some parts of this world, there are many women who still have to fight to get equal opportunities. This New York Times Women Making History book wants to celebrate those who were brave enough to stand for equal rights. We know that women and men have physiological differences, two different energies, women and men even think, speak, and behave differently. However, women and men deserve equal opportunities in life, all these differences are not for competition, it’s to complement each other so that we can thrive together.

This book contains collection of New York Times articles that begins with Equal Rights Convention in 1866 and ends with Time’s Up movement in 2018. Enjoy your coffee while reading this book, you’ll be inspired by these strong, courageous, and fearless women who are not afraid to speak up and take action. It’s a great book to give to your sisters, daughters, or any other fellow women.

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