Sixfold Beer Carrier Features Patterned Structure to Hold Up To 6 Bottles of Beer

Carry our bottles of beer in style, Sixfold offers you stylish beer carrier with patent-pending fold-and-notch system. The unique mechanism allows you to carry up to 6 bottles of beer without problem and when not in use, you can simply fold it flat. Each carrier is crafted from sustainable leather and walnut, the patterned structure […]

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The Majorelle – Large Sized Hand Drawn Round Towel

Cover yourself with this beautiful hand drawn round towel, it’s called The Majorelle. The blue pattern looks really awesome, well, of course it’s awesome, it was inspired by an adventure to the Moroccan botanical gardens owned by Yves Saint Laurent. This cotton towel offers you soft and comfortable fabric, wrapping your body in style with […]

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Rising Shell Wooden Fruit Bowl by Robert van Embricqs

This wooden fruit bowl is designed by Robert van Embricqs, aside being a beautiful object, it also folds flat for easy storage. This product is a part of Rising Shell series that start out with a flat pattern construction which then risen into bowl shape. This bowl is constructed with laminated bamboo to guarantee durability […]

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Elegant Thirstystone Fleur de Lis 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set to Complete Your Kitchen

Baking and cooking require measuring tool, this elegant Thirstystone Fleur de Lis 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set would provide you with the right measurement. You can use this spoon set to measure sugar, salt, pepper, or any other powder ingredients, each spoon has easy-to-read label. You can make delicious meal or cake with exact measuring. […]

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Chef Knife from Chelsea Miller Knives

An extraordinary Chef Knife made from high carbon steel re-purposed from a Vermont Farrier’s horseshoe rasp would be a nice addition to your kitchen tools. It’s an elegant knife with Walnut handle, you will also find those brass pins are nice touch to complete the appearance. Since it is made from repurposed horseshoe rasp, you […]

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Mecedora Lactancia NANA : Elegant Rocking Chair for Modern Moms

Modern moms would need a comfortable rocker just like Mecedora Lactancia NANA when it’s time for intimate moment with their babies. It’s an original and elegant rocker for breastfeeding exclusively designed for Minimoi. ALEGRE Design studio is the mastermind behind this beautiful rocker, the design team has done an extensive research to find best materials […]

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Times 4 Coffee Table Keeps Your Things Organized Neatly

Hate messy table? You should take a look at “Times 4 Coffee Table”. Designed by Goncalo Campos, this table hides a pie chart shaped compartment where you can organize everything neatly. This unique coffee table features a rotating system that reveals only one quarter of compartment at a time. In this way, you can easily […]

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PXR-5 Digital Watch Features Simple Watch Design with Woven Nylon Strap

Started as a concept, PXR-5 digital watch was designed in 2005 by Michael Young, a British designer. It was his first project when he relocated his studio to Asia. This watch features minimalist design, the stainless steel case houses a digital LCD display that informs you the time in large numbers. This water resistance watch […]

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Elegant Fitz and Floyd Gold Luster White Wine Glass to Impress Your Guests

Do you enjoy drinking wine? Fitz and Floyd Gold Luster White Wine Glass (Set of 4) would enhance the experience even further. This set of 4 wine glasses would look good in your kitchen as well as when you and your guests use them. A perfect addition for a party or gathering, those gold dot […]

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Horizon Motorcycle Jacket for Female Riders

Female riders, you can look good while being protected with Horizon Motorcycle Jacket from Aether. It’s especially designed motorcycle jacket that combines the best of both worlds fashion and safety, the design team keeps you safe without sacrificing style. The material is made from specially engineered Japanese field nylon fabric, this 3-layer shell features abrasion […]

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Limited Edition Flame Shoes by Zaha Hadid

You’ll certainly look hot when you wear these Flames shoes. Designed by Zaha Hadid, limited edition shoes are the result from United Nude project. The brief was simple, designing shoes that push boundaries using 3D printing technology. This black high heels demonstrate the beautiful of fire flames and wrap the foot elegantly. The flame-like bands […]

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Lynk 50 Pair Shoe Rack Organizes Your Shoes Collection Neatly

Crazy about shoes yet you don’t have the space to keep them? Well,Lynk 50 Pair Shoe Rack might be able to help you with that. This rack helps you organize your shoes neatly, the high vertical design doesn’t take much space especially when you live in small apartment. The design features simple and elegant look […]

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Autumn Stag : Unique Shelving for Toy Collectors by Gary Ham

Are you a toy collector? You might want to show off all your precious toys to your guests. Autum Stag is a special designed shelving system dedicated to display toys, it can house up to 30 of your cute, little collectibles or simply as a standalone figure for display at home. Gary Ham has done […]

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Get Soft, Smooth Feet with Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File

Keep the beauty of your feet with the help from Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File. It gently removes rough, dry, and calloused skin in seconds, it leaves you with soft, silky feet. It’s been designed with a Micralumina replaceable head along with micro-abrasive particle for continuous filing results. This battery operated pedicure foot […]

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Nias Tent for Your Camping and Backpacking

An Outdoor lover? Nias Tent for 4-6 person would be a nice platform to sleep at night. It’s an easy to handle tent where the inner tent, fly sheet, and inflatable frame work together as a union for quick set up or inflation. This is just like 2 identical inner tents that share the center […]

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Enjoy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat After A Long Day at Work

Feel that deep-kneading rollers massage your feet, it stimulates reflexology zones of feet to remove tightness. Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat is an air compression massage that squeezes away all tension, not just your feet but your whole body as well. The selectable heat further relaxes your feet. There are 3 massage programs: Soothe, Pulse, […]

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Toilet Paper Caddy Tissue Dispenser and Stand with Magazine Rack Keeps Your Bathroom Organized

Keep your bathroom nice and tidy, this Toilet Paper Caddy Tissue Dispenser and Stand with Magazine Rack would certainly help you with that. This bathroom equipment holds up to 4 tissue rolls, yes, you can be sure never have to deal with panic attack when you can’t find them after doing your business (unless you […]

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Alessi Minou Purse Hook by Frederic Gooris

Beautiful and elegant cat is ready to hold your purse with its tail. Alessi Minou Purse Hook by Frederic Gooris features a cat shaped luxurious hook, the long tail will hold your purse stylishly. Made of mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel, this purse hook quality is unquestionable, it’s a perfect gift for anyone or for yourself […]

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Mountainsmith Cooler Tube Keeps Your Canned Beer Cool Until Your Destination

Cold beer is always good no matter what, right? You can carry up to 6 beer can inside this Mountainsmith Cooler Tube. It’s a shoulder strap beer cooler that you can carry as if it’s your yoga mat, when in fact, inside there are your favorite canned beers for trip to the park of a […]

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Nendo Kame Suitcase for Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

An innovative suitcase called Kame has been designed by Nendo for Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano. The polycarbonate body is light yet strong, the name Kame itself came from tortoise in Japanese, it represents the structural resemblance of the animal that has hard shell. Unlike standard suitcase where you open the lid up, this one features a […]

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