Vintage Riddling Wine Rack Features 10 Rows Vertically and 6 Across

Vintage Riddling Wine Rack

Take yourself back into the good ol’ days with this beautiful Vintage Riddling Wine Rack. It’s a perfect vintage rack to place at the corner of your house. As you turn each bottle gently, it’s hard not to wonder how many bottles have passed through the rack, how many celebrations marked? This is the rack design back to the 1800s where a method of storing wine bottles was done by tipping any sediment into the neck of the bottle. If you are into vintage design, this rack is definitely should be placed in your house, it can be a great conversation starter.

This is genuinely vintage rack that might still bear the marks from the vineyard. Each unit would display rare character and timeworn beauty of a life lived, that’s why these items are only available in limited quantities. This wine rack is composed of two pieces hinged together at the top, it features 10 rows vertically and 6 across.

Buy It Here | $1,095.00

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