Cinder Sensing Cooker Helps You to Cook Your Food with Great Precision Temperature

Cinder Sensing Cooker

Cinder Sensing Cooker is a precision temperature cooking that takes home cooks to a new level. It’s a smart kitchen appliance with patent pending sensing and control technology to allow anyone at home to prepare foods at an exact temperature then sear the meals unattended, giving you restaurant quality food. The technology used in this appliance was literally drawn upon rocket science used in spacecraft to create down-to-earth cooking experience. It brings you fine dining at the comfort of your own home with minimal effort. This 1800W cooker features 2 non-stick aluminum cooking plates which are equipped with accurate sensors to maintain precise temperature to cook particular food, from juicy chicken breasts to caramelized onions. The cool thing is, this appliance can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the custom app allows you to set up a variety of foods cooking process with precise settings.

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