Emanui Menstrual Cup Companion – It Cleans Your Cup with Just A Bit of Water

Emanui Menstrual Cup Companion

If you’re using menstrual cup, you should also get Emanui. Emanuia is a cleaner and sterilizer designed specially as your menstrual cup companion. It dramatically improves comfort for those who menstruate. It’s an ideal companion of your menstrual cup in everyday life, you find safety and comfort whenever you need to empty your menstrual cup away from home. Insert your menstrual cup into Emanui’s hollow body, it has an internal brush that you can use to rub, shake, or squeeze to clean the cup together with some water.

No toilet or sink, no worries. Emanui only requires a bit of water in less than 1 minute to clean your cup. It is ready to wear again on-the-go. Just in case you have a microwave, it takes around 3 minutes to kill any harmful bacteria and germs.

Emanui Menstrual Cup Companion

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