Louis Vuitton Portable ‘Whisky Bar’ for A Real Collector

Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar

If you are a fan of Louis Vuitton, you might want to collect this extremely rare, traveling bar designed by Louis Vuitton in 1980s. Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar comes in effectively unused condition, it still looks like new. The square case comes with top carrying-handle in gold Epi-leather with gold-plated studs, latches and lock, and of course, its original key.

Open the case, the interior is lined in deep green alcantara, soft and luxurious, including grained leather, and fitted with compartments that contain everything a whisky connoisseur needs. It contains a single, heavy glass silver mounted-whisky carafe, 4 whisky beakers, a Thermos-lined ice bucket, and a nut/olive dish. This set comes in Sterling silver and marked Christofle for Louis Vuitton.

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