Made in EU – LMP Reusable Silicon Face Mask Comes with Replaceable Filter

LMP Reusable Silicon Face Mask

Instead of using disposable surgical mask that can cause more waste, not to mention there are healthcare workers that need them even more, why not using LMP Reusable Silicon Face Mask? It’s a long-lasting reusable face mask that helps slow down the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Made in EU, this silicon face mask can be sterilized at the end of the day and replace that filter with a new one. It’s an environmentally friendly face mask, at the same time, reusing your mask costs less than buying a new one every single time. Please understand that it’s not a medical-grade face mask, but it helps to protect you from droplets from others and protect others from your droplets. Stay safe!

LMP Reusable Silicon Face Mask

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