Casper Board Promotes “Active” Sitting to Burn More Calories and Increase Focus at Work

Casper Board Burns Calories and Helps Focus at Work

Casper Board is a creatively designed board to promote weight loss, better heart health, and mental boost while sitting or standing. This project wants to introduce healthy movement into your workday, let’s face it, most of us sit at a desk like 7 to 8 hours a day, sometimes not moving at all, that’s not healthy. Sitting too much can increase your risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Casper Board is a balance board, a platform with full range ankle mobility, it also functions as foot rest with 360-degree rotation in one device. It promotes “active” sitting to increase blood circulation, burn more calories, and boost oxygen levels in your body.

Casper Board Burns Calories and Helps Focus at Work

Buy It Here | $99.00

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