FANCY PANZ : Gorgeous Portable Casserole Serveware to Hide Ugly Foil Pan

FANCY PANZ Portable Casserole Serveware

Foil pans are convenient for many of us, they are disposable and perfect for casserole. However, they are unstable, unstackable, and look ugly. Fancy Panz offers you a portable casserole serveware, it comes with attractive design and the same convenience of foil pans. This is not a replacement for your foil pans, you can open the frame and place the foil pan filled with dish inside Fancy Panz. Close the frame by snap on the clear lid, now you are ready to transport your desserts, casseroles, or just about any meal easier. You can serve the dish by opening the lid then place it discreetly under the pan, the lid fits perfectly. Now, you don’t need to worry about transporting flimsy foil pans, also it looks good on the table.

FANCY PANZ Portable Casserole Serveware

Buy It Here | $19.99

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