Neofit Roller – Collapsible Foam Roller to Relieve Muscle Stiffness

Neofit Roller - Collapsible Foam Roller

Feel relieve from your sore muscles, Neofit Roller offers collapsible foam roller that makes it practical to carry everywhere you go. This portable fitness equipment features 4-inch body that can be expanded to 12-inch to function as foam roller. It allows you to hit even largest muscle groups, relieving yourself from tight muscles, especially after long haul travel. Neofit has been designed with precisely-configured EVA foam so that it contours your body to hit deep into muscles and trigger points (quads, back, and hamstrings), kill those muscle stiffness. Enjoy better health, mobility, and flexibility.

Neofit Roller - Collapsible Foam Roller

Buy It Here | $59.00

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