Nike Vision One-Piece Sunglasses for Athletes

Nike Vision One-Piece Sunglasses

Nike Vision challenged itself to redesign innovative eyewear dedicated for athletes, it was 2 years ago. As we all know, there are not much changes around eyewear design, Nike wants to create sunglasses that combined unprecedented lens materials with angles designed for speed. The result is sleek and ultralight sunglasses, a one-piece model for uninterrupted view with protective coverage. In this way, these sunglasses would empower athletes through its design, form, material, and also psychology of just wearing them. Together with Zeiss Optics, Nike Vision one-piece sunglasses offer ultimate clarity for uninterrupted scope of vision as well as accurate perception.

Each set is made in a custom mold, polished to a remarkable degree of flawless surface, the design team uses wind tunnel techniques to create lenses cut with aerodynamic angles to dramatically reduce wind resistance. There are soft rubber channels on the inside of the temple arms, thus increasing airflow to keep away sweat. These soft rubbers also prevent slipping by gripping skin of the runner.

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