Beautiful Shower Cap by Shhhower Cap

Shhhowercap presents you with series of modern and beautiful shower caps. Yep, shower caps don’t have to be ugly, crinkly gross plastic like the one you find in your grandma’s house. This product features beautiful pattern and most of all, comfortable to wear. It’s chic and sophisticated, you would love the turban silhouetting, timeless design […]

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Topo Coasters (Set of 4) Feature Topography of Popular Locations

Unique beverage coasters can do more than just become a mat for your drink. Take a look at Topo Coasters, this the first series of coasters from Tom Will Make that shows a part of Red River Gorge in Kentucky, USA. Take a look at those beautiful details, the elevation changes are illustrated with layers […]

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Smithsonian Spring Waterglobe Reminds You to The Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

Smithsonian Spring Waterglobe is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves waterglobe, especially when they love spring. Inside the globe, there are 2 gracious cherry trees, this product offers the beauty of spring inside a mini globe. Try to gently shake it and watch those little Sakura petals rain upon a landscaped brige, like making […]

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Bucket List Mini Book in Black Traditional Leather for Quick Notes On-The-Go

Do you have a bucket list or planning to have one? It looks like this Bucket List Mini Book from GiGi NewYork is a great product for a quick notes on-the-go. The luxurious design makes your list looks really important, well, it is. It comes with leather cover, smyth-sew for strength and longevity. Open the […]

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Madison Park La Beau D’Art Chest Adds Warm in Any Room

Madison Park La Beau D’Art Chest features warmth characteristic due to its rubbed black exterior and antiqued brown drawer fronts. This furniture is designed with various cities in Frances written on the drawers, reminding you of those romantic cities just in case you’ve been there before. Each unit is hand painted with dimensions of 35.88-inch(H)x36-inch(W)x14.25-inch(D). […]

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Wedgwood Daisy 2-Tier Cake Stand for Your Tea Party

Hosting a tea party? Well, tea party is not complete without cookies or petite sandwiches. Daisy 2-Tier Cake Stand by Wedgwood would add elegant touch for the evening, it brings whimsy and romance back into your homes. This cake stand features delicate daisy pattern combined with soft floral blooms and classical borders. The classic design […]

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Old Navy Women’s Jacquard Sleeveless Summer Tops for Stylish Summer

Old Navy has beautiful tops that will you look more stylish this summer. Women’s Jacquard Sleeveless Summer Tops are available in 2 colors: best in show (blue) and black jack print. The top features rounded neckline with cutout at upper back, there are side vents at hem. The material is 54% cotton, 45% polyester and […]

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Caramel Latte Lollipops from Holly’s Lollies

Holly’s Lollies presents you a series of lollies and confectionery. One of them is Caramel Latte Lollipop. Enjoy the sweet smooth caramel that you usually get to taste when drinking your latte from your favorite coffee shop, this time, in a form of a lollipop. A perfect sweetness in the morning. Each lollipop is individually […]

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London Map Side Table by Hasan Agar

London Map Side Table would look really cool in your living room. It’s a concept table inspired by the streets of London after Hasan Agar, the designer, has lived man years in the capital. It’s only concept, but we believe you can try to contact the designer to order this cool table. The map is […]

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Hellman-Chang Sternum Chaise Lounge by Don Howell

Sit in style? Well, Sternum Chaise lounge would help you do so. This beautiful piece combines artwork, woodworking skill, and functional seating. This furniture features organic and sinewy lines to create beautiful visual statement through its 60 joints and solid wood craftsmanship. Inspired by human spine, this chair has been designed to offer an optimum […]

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Vintage Riddling Wine Rack Features 10 Rows Vertically and 6 Across

Take yourself back into the good ol’ days with this beautiful Vintage Riddling Wine Rack. It’s a perfect vintage rack to place at the corner of your house. As you turn each bottle gently, it’s hard not to wonder how many bottles have passed through the rack, how many celebrations marked? This is the rack […]

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Stylish Madagaskar Drawstring Bag Is Perfect for Summer

Ready for summer? You should carry this stylish yellow Madagaskar Drawstring Bag. This handbag is crafted out of crocheted raffia joined with leather straps, the bucket design makes it perfect as summer bag. Keep your sunblock, purse, makeup, or any other accessories inside this cute bag, it becomes an ideal companion for your summer adventures, […]

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Sixfold Beer Carrier Features Patterned Structure to Hold Up To 6 Bottles of Beer

Carry our bottles of beer in style, Sixfold offers you stylish beer carrier with patent-pending fold-and-notch system. The unique mechanism allows you to carry up to 6 bottles of beer without problem and when not in use, you can simply fold it flat. Each carrier is crafted from sustainable leather and walnut, the patterned structure […]

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The Majorelle – Large Sized Hand Drawn Round Towel

Cover yourself with this beautiful hand drawn round towel, it’s called The Majorelle. The blue pattern looks really awesome, well, of course it’s awesome, it was inspired by an adventure to the Moroccan botanical gardens owned by Yves Saint Laurent. This cotton towel offers you soft and comfortable fabric, wrapping your body in style with […]

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Rising Shell Wooden Fruit Bowl by Robert van Embricqs

This wooden fruit bowl is designed by Robert van Embricqs, aside being a beautiful object, it also folds flat for easy storage. This product is a part of Rising Shell series that start out with a flat pattern construction which then risen into bowl shape. This bowl is constructed with laminated bamboo to guarantee durability […]

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Elegant Thirstystone Fleur de Lis 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set to Complete Your Kitchen

Baking and cooking require measuring tool, this elegant Thirstystone Fleur de Lis 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set would provide you with the right measurement. You can use this spoon set to measure sugar, salt, pepper, or any other powder ingredients, each spoon has easy-to-read label. You can make delicious meal or cake with exact measuring. […]

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Chef Knife from Chelsea Miller Knives

An extraordinary Chef Knife made from high carbon steel re-purposed from a Vermont Farrier’s horseshoe rasp would be a nice addition to your kitchen tools. It’s an elegant knife with Walnut handle, you will also find those brass pins are nice touch to complete the appearance. Since it is made from repurposed horseshoe rasp, you […]

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Mecedora Lactancia NANA : Elegant Rocking Chair for Modern Moms

Modern moms would need a comfortable rocker just like Mecedora Lactancia NANA when it’s time for intimate moment with their babies. It’s an original and elegant rocker for breastfeeding exclusively designed for Minimoi. ALEGRE Design studio is the mastermind behind this beautiful rocker, the design team has done an extensive research to find best materials […]

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Times 4 Coffee Table Keeps Your Things Organized Neatly

Hate messy table? You should take a look at “Times 4 Coffee Table”. Designed by Goncalo Campos, this table hides a pie chart shaped compartment where you can organize everything neatly. This unique coffee table features a rotating system that reveals only one quarter of compartment at a time. In this way, you can easily […]

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PXR-5 Digital Watch Features Simple Watch Design with Woven Nylon Strap

Started as a concept, PXR-5 digital watch was designed in 2005 by Michael Young, a British designer. It was his first project when he relocated his studio to Asia. This watch features minimalist design, the stainless steel case houses a digital LCD display that informs you the time in large numbers. This water resistance watch […]

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