Quitbit Smart Lighter Encourages You to Stop Your Smoking Habit

Quitbit Smart Lighter

Want to quit your smoking habit? Well, Quitbit might encourage you to do so. It’s a smart lighter with special app to track your smoking behavior, it provides you with feedback to allow you to make smarter decisions. Quit smoking is not really that easy, you need to gradually cut back at your own pace, with this smart lighter, you can set your own reduction plans. Thanks to the special app that makes this lighter smart, you can personalize how this lighter works in order to achieve your goals and build a new positive behavior. It counts every cigarette that you lit, it informs you about how many cigarettes you’ve smoked and how long it’s been since your last one. Quitbit connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology, the app even tells you how much money you’ve saved by cutting back this bad behavior, disable the lighter once you reach your daily target.

Buy It Here | $70

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