Andover Mills Salter Yoga Dog Figurine Looks Calm and Serene in Lotus Pose

Andover Mills Salter Yoga Dog Figurine

This little guy looks like very “Zen”, it steals the show without even doing anything, just sitting there. In fact, it also adds whimsical zen to just about anyplace, from end table to bookshelf. Everyone would notice him, it’s a conversation-starter piece. It’s a nice gift for any dog owner or yogis alike. This figurine shows a tranquil dog in lotus yoga position, he looks calm and serene, perhaps he’s meditating about running on the beach, chasing a tennis ball in the park, or enjoying a tasty treat. Either way, he looks really cute and adorable. It looks like metal but Salter Yoga Dog Figurine from Andover Mills is actually made from plastic with metallic finish of your choice.

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