Kegg – Wearable Fertility Tracking Kegel Helps You Understand Fertility Better

Kegg Fertility Tracking Kegel has been designed to help women conceive, it predicts exact fertile window five to seven days in advance. It’s a two-in-one fertility tracker and kegel training device, it sense changes in cervical mucus to predict woman’s exact fertile window. It uses advanced sensor and clinically proven technology to analyze cervical mucus where this vaginal data is sent to the cloud for further processing by algorithms. The final fertility result is then displayed through accompanied mobile app. This piece is made with medical-grade silicon and stainless steel with gold plating, the Bluetooth technology is located in the tail of device, therefore, it safely remains outside user’s body. Just in case you don’t use it as fertility tracker, you can use it to perform Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor in just two minutes. This exercise helps to support uterus, urethra, and bladder, which is beneficial to women planning a pregnancy.

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