MANDALA CADDY – Beautiful Bath Tub Tray

MANDALA CADDY - Beautiful Bath Tub Tray

It’s a bath time! We believe there are many of you who have certain ritual when it’s time to submerge your body in the tub and relax. Tub bathing doesn’t just clean your body, but it also cleanses you spiritually, some people believe it also purifies your aura. Mandala Caddy is a beautiful bathtub tray for your companion during your ritual bath. This bathtub tray is handmade an Oak and painted with a beautiful Mandala tattoo. Why Mandala? Because it represents a cosmic diagram to remind you about infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. You can read a book with your favorite wine or coffee in the tub with the help from this bath caddy.

MANDALA CADDY - Beautiful Bath Tub Tray
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